How To Divorce Your Parents

How to divorce your parents may be a pretty controversial subject. There may be things about your parents that you may not like or are embarrassed about. You don’t go to the extreme of divorcing your parents even though you often say you went home with the wrong parents (inside, you love them just the same). Of course, if you did for a legitimate reason and you are under the age of eighteen, that would be “emancipation;” a child legally dissolving their parent-child relationship and acting as an adult. Hopefully, this happens not because he grounded you or you just wanted to be grown; it has to be more of a convincing argument than that, especially if you want the courts to take your seriously. Divorcing your parents is a situation that usually occurs when a child reaches adulthood and wishes to sever all physical and emotional ties with their parents.

 What you need to divorce your parents:

  • Attorney/legal advice
  • Financial support
  • Proof of neglect
  • Maturity
  1. Here are some reasons an adult child may wish to divorce one or both parents: was physically, mentally and verbally abused by his parents and no longer wishes to endure any more abuse from his parents; has become an adult with kids that he wants to ensure will be protected from his parents; parents' greed causes mishandling of child's money, such as what happens with many child actors; child gets caught up in the parents' malicious divorce and is being forced to take sides. The child, thus, decides to take himself out of the equation. These are some reasons you may decide to divorce your parents.

  2. Think long and hard before deciding to divorce your parents. Talk to an unbiased person who might have a little insight about the dilemma you are facing, but won't try and sway you in either direction, just advise you on the possible outcome. You also will need legal advice, so you will be able to come up with a positive choice.

  3. Divorcing your parent’s vs. Petition for Declaration of Emancipation. If you are an adult and you wish to divorce your parents, there is no necessary legal action to be taking. You can tell your parents verbally or by letter how you truly feel about your decision to disassociate yourself, until you see fit to allow your parents back in your life. Now if you are a minor, there is legal action you need to take, but you have to show just cause for this decree to be signed, such as abuse and or neglect. You also have to show proof you can legally support yourself financially, attend school daily, remain out of trouble and prove your parents are unfit and you are better off without them. If your parents don’t object to this legal separation, then you shouldn’t have a problem getting this petition signed. Although the courts will keep tabs on you, and if it shows you are not or have not been able to keep up your end of the deal, the decision could be overturned, and you could possibly be returned to your parents or worse. If they are deemed unfit, you could end up in foster care.

Whether you choose to divorce your parents or not, don’t make a hasty decision out of anger. Make sure it’s the best solution for you, but be prepared for a little backlash.

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