How To Divorce Your Wife In Fable 2

Deciding how to divorce your wife in Fable 2 requires some thought. Just like skinning a cat, Fable 2 offers more than one way to divorce your wife. Which one you choose will depend on your motivation. Have you met a much hotter babe? Are you tired of your wife clamoring for attention and presents? Do you need to sell the marital home for cash? The answers to these questions dictates your approach.

  1. Till Death Do Us Part The fastest way to divorce your wife in Fable 2 is to have her follow you out of town and simply kill her. You need to lead her to a remote place or a location populated by evil NPC's. The House of Shadows is a good place to do the deed. This will help your reputation if you're a villain but heroes can make donations to quickly restore their reputation.
  2. The Power of Neglect. Fable 2 permits you to focus exclusively on completing quests and saving the world. You can hop back to town but don't enter your marital home. The downside is you sacrifice sex or the chance to play with your child and this is a slower divorce method.
  3. Express yourself . Use the Fable 2 expression wheel by confronting your wife and showering her with expressions she hates. Evil laughs, farting  and slapping are guaranteed to work a high percentage of the time. Once your approval rating gets low enough, she will divorce you and leave town.
  4. Budget Cuts  Reducing her allowance as low as Fable 2 permits guarantees your wife will divorce you. This is similar to step 3 but it will save you some money.
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