How To A DIY iPod Stereo Connection

One of the most important things to know if you own an iPod is how to set up a DIY iPod stereo connection. The key feature of Apple's iPod is the ability to listen to your music collection wherever you want, be it in your car, on your home stereo, or on the bus. Setting up a do it yourself connection between your iPod and any standard stereo is quite simple and requires very little technical know how. Once you have your stereo connection set up you can begin listening to your iPod wherever you like, at full blast for all to hear.

To set up a DIY iPod stereo connection, you will need:

  • an iPod
  • a stereo
  • a Y cable
  • an iPod Dock
  • a wireless FM transmitter
  1. Connecting an iPod Directly to a Stereo. The easiest and most straightforward method for setting up a DIY iPod stereo connection is to connect your iPod directly to your home stereo. To do this you will need only a stereo, an iPod, and a Y cable, which can be purchased at any electronics store. Simply connect the single pronged end of the Y cable into the headphone jack of your iPod. Then connect the two pronged end, typically red and white, into the corresponding jacks on your stereo. Once you have connected your iPod you can turn it on and begin listening to your music right away.
  2. Connecting an iPod to a Stereo via the iPod Dock. If you want to allow your iPod to charge while you are using it, you will want to connect your iPod Dock to the stereo, rather than connecting the iPod itself. Just as you did with the iPod, plug the Y cable into the jack on the rear of your iPod Dock. Plug the red and white ends of the Y cable into the corresponding jacks on your stereo. Now place the iPod into the iPod Dock and turn it on. You can listen to music and charge your iPod at the same time.
  3. Connecting an iPod to a Stereo with a Wireless FM Transmitter. If your stereo does not have the appropriate jacks for a Y cable, you can still connect your iPod using a different method. To do this you will need to purchase a wireless FM transmitter from any electronics store. This device will take the songs on your iPod, convert them to FM signals, and broadcast them so that your stereo can pick them up and play them, as if your iPod was its own radio station. To use the FM transmitter connect it to your iPod and then tune your radio to the appropriate frequency. Check your FM transmitter's manual for specific details. You will want to tune to a weak frequency so that your FM transmitter's signals will overpower any existing signals, allowing your music to get through. Once you have tuned to the correct frequency you can begin listening to your music within seconds.
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