How To Do A 10 Day Detox Diet

Understanding how to do a 10 day detox diet will help you to detoxify your body in a safe and effective way. Detox diets can help rid the body of toxins. These toxins can contribute to fatigue, fuzzy thinking, depression, weight gain, as well as other serious medical conditions. Learning how to safely detox your body can put you back on the road to health and wellness.

Follow these detox diet rules for 10 days and watch your energy soar:

  1. Eliminate alcohol and caffeine from your diet. Although, these substances do have some health benefits, they can tax the liver and should be eliminated when detoxifying.
  2. Stay clear of white flour and sugar. These white foods are just empty calories. They offer very little nutritional value to the body and can cause spikes in blood sugar.
  3. Avoid processed meats. They are full of sodium, nitrates and other harmful substances. Focus on lean animal protein and limit intake to three to six ounces daily. If you wish to eliminate animal protein altogether, make certain to consume enough vegetable protein daily.
  4. Squeeze a half of a lemon into a glass of warm water and drink first thing every morning. You may add a tiny bit of honey or molasses to make it more palatable.
  5. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Shoot for at least six to eight glasses of purified water.
  6. Focus on raw fruits and vegetables. Eat at least one large salad and two pieces of fruit every day. Mix your own salad dressing using lemon and olive oil.

After 10 days on this detox diet you should start to see a significant difference in how you feel. The nice thing about this diet is that it’s balanced. So it’s safe to continue it past 10 days if desired.

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