How To Do A 21 Day Detox Diet

Learn out how to do a 21 day detox diet and rejuvenate your body. Detoxing is an excellent way to shed toxins and accumulated fatty tissue. It also helps to relieve the digestive system, giving the liver, kidneys, and digestive tract a chance to cleanse and renew. Unlike with shorter cleansing programs, you will need to eat some food to do a 21 day detox diet, its a matter of eating the right foods and only in small amounts. Learn how to do a detox diet for 21 days with the following tips.

  1. Start with liquids for two days. To begin a long fasting program give the body two days of juices, water, broth, and teas initially. This will make the entire 21 days more efficient.
  2. Eat, and mostly drink, your fruits and veggies. As with any detox diet, be sure to drink plenty of fresh juices such as cucumber, carrot, beet, watermelon, apple, cranberry, pineapple, and papaya. You can also eat a small amount of fresh, raw fruits and vegetables as needed. Try to consume only organic produce.
  3. Have miso soup. For a 21 day detox diet enjoy a cup of miso soup with sea greens once a day. This is a great cleansing food as well as a good source of minerals.
  4. Drink herbal teas. Cleansing teas are an essential part of detoxification. Herbal infusions made from alterative and diuretic herbs including dandelion, nettles, red clover, and peppermint are great during any detox diet.
  5. Drink vegetable broth. While fasting and detoxing it is still important to get enough nutrition. Make your own vegetable broth or use an organic store-brought broth and drink daily.
  6. Drink water. Clean, pure, simple water is the cornerstone of detoxification. Even when you are not on a detox diet it is important to drink plenty of water each day to assist the natural processes of elimination. While detoxing make sure you are drinking from eight to ten glasses of water each day.
  7. Relax. A 21 day detox diet is a commitment. You cannot expect to do the same activities that you may do while eating normally. Include light, moderate exercise such as walking or swimming each day, but leave the pick-up soccer and basketball games for later. Also, make sure you are getting eight hours of sleep each night.
  8. Take detox baths. To help the cleansing process you can take detoxifying baths. Soak in one cup of epsom salt, one cup of baking soda, and five drops of lavender essential oil for twenty minutes. Allow your body to air-dry.

After doing your 21 day detox diet expect to feel incredible.

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