How To Do 69 Position

Oral sex is stimulating, and it's also a sexy way to add a little spice to the same old vanilla sex routine of in-and-out. Fellatio and cunnilingus stimulates sensitive nerve-endings that result in an intense orgasm for both partners; and that's why the 69 positions is so popular and widely enjoyed by couples. Knowing how to do the 69 position properly gives you the ability to satisfy your partner while they strive to satisfy you with little distraction. Whether you're heterosexual or in a same sex relationship the 69 position is non-discerning and a sure-fire way to climax. 

Standard 69 Position

  1. Have your partner lay flat on his or her back.
  2. Turn your body so that you and your partner are positioned head-to-feet.
  3. Straddle your partner's shoulders carefully, hovering your genitals above their face.
  4. Position your face between your partner's legs.
  5. From here, both you and your partner can perform oral sex on one another comfortably to enjoy a mutual sexual climax without sexual penetration. 

Standing 69 Position 

  1. Sit on the edge of your bed and lay back with your feet firmly planted on the floor. You must be stronger than your partner to do this, otherwise, have your partner complete this step.
  2. Get into the standard 69 position with your partner, making sure that one of you still has your feet firmly planted on the floor.
  3. Wrap your arms firmly around your partner's waist if you are on the bottom of the 69 position.
  4. Stand carefully, keeping your partner into position with his or her genitals in your face. Enjoy the standing 69 position carefully. 



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