How Do Actors Control Themselves During Sex Scenes?

Ever find yourself wondering "how do actors control themselves during sex scenes?" Well, actors participating in sex scenes  aren't exactly exercising endurance and willpower the way you might imagine. In fact, when it comes down to it, there are a couple of things keeping actors from going off the sexual deep end during those hot and spicy sex scenes.

First and foremost, most of the sex scenes where there are naked actors doing each other are fake—unless you're watching porn, but that's a completely different story. Yes, they have their shirts off and they're both beautiful people, but more than likely, they also have underwear or pants on underneath those sheets. So, what looks like a steamy look into a couple's intimate moments is most likely just an intense dry humping session in reality.

Not only are the sex scenes they're doing probably fake, but you also have to keep in mind that they are doing their job. True, if someone you worked with came up to you in the office and started grinding against you, it might be difficult to control yourself, but these people are paid to make things seem real. Being a good actor requires that you be comfortable in vulnerable situations and that you are able to make others believe what you are doing—whether it's having sex with a perfect ten or running away from dinosaurs—is true.

Plus, what do you think having an entire movie crew watching you have "sex," does to your sex-drive? Chances are the actors performing in sex scenes are more nervous than anything else, and hardly turned on. Unless, of course, those actors also happen to be exhibitionists—but that's an entirely different beast all together.

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