How Do Actors Simulate Sex On TV Shows?

Have you been wondering, "How do actors simulate sex on TV?" Professional camera angles convince most people that what you are seeing on a movie really is what is going on. Well, here is the lowdown on how actors simulate sex.

If you have seen "Dirty Dancing" (Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey) there is one shot where Johnny slides out of bed after a sex scene and is clearly in the raw. They don't show private body parts, but the whole side is pure 100% skin. What you can't tell or see is that Jennifer Grey is wearing some kind of a strapless swimsuit or covering that is just underneath the sheets, making her appear to be nude–thereby they have been able to simulate sex onscreen.

On most movies there are at least six to eight camera people angled around the couple acting out the simulated sex scene. It is usually the actors' and actresses' job to make the scene where they simulate sex look as real as possible. Remember, there is a director and a producer standing near by ready to yell "Cut!" if a part of the simulated sex scene doesn't look just right. The actors can yell "Cut!" too, thankfully.

In some cases the actors have somehow been able to block out being told what angle to stare at or hold the girl at during a simulated sex scene, while heavily making out, and still are able to get into it more than just acting. But for the most part, the women have a strapless tube top on and a little something on underneath that just makes them look like they are naked when they simulate sex. They are definitely making out intensely, but no body parts are entering into other areas. Many of the actors and actresses are married or have significant others in real life. Hollywood already pushes the envelope on how far it goes as far as morality and defining the difference between reality and fantasy. The more they confuse people (and likely themselves) with this, the more they can get away with in acting.

As far as rated R movies and more adult-oriented TV shows, well, who knows. They sky is probably the limit there. With porno TV, what you see is what it is. They do not simulate sex at all; it's the real deal. What you don't see is the STD and pregnancy testing going on off the set. But as far as basic cable TV, it's about 95% acting and very professional angling of the cameras.

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