How To Do A Backflip

Learning how to do a backflip is not necessarily easy.  It is something that you can learn how to do, with a great deal of effort and care.  Here are the steps to doing a backflip.

In order to do a backflip, you will need:

  • Partner (to spot you)
  • Trampoline
  • Protective padding
  1. Stretch and prepare to safely do a backflip.  You should always stretch before performing a backflip.  Also, never try to learn how to do a backflip without a partner.  Using a partner in conjunction with the backflip, even doing it on a trampoline, is essential for your safety.  If you do not utilize a partner—on a trampoline, propper-padded area, or otherwise—you may injure yourself.
  2. Begin the jumping motion.  The takeoff should be proceeded with your arms above your head and feet shoulder-width apart.  Swing your arms back and bend your knees as you jump.  The trajectory is very important; you can work on this with a partner and on the trampoline.
  3. Tuck.  The tuck is the second phase of the backflip.  Tuck your knees into your chest as you are reaching the peak of your jump.  This momentum will enable you to flip backward.
  4. Land on your feet.  It is easier said than done, indeed.  As you practice you’ll learn to stop your rotation at the right time and open up to land.  You can land with your legs bent to avoid losing balance.  If things don’t go well, land in a frog-like position with your hands on the floor in order to avoid injury.
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