How To Do The Bas Rutten MMA Workout

If you're thinking about jumping into a mixed martial arts competition, then you should learn how to do the Bas Rutten MMA workout. Bas Rutten takes a rather common sense approach to building and conditioning his muscles for an MMA competition. In essence, Bas Rutten works his muscles out in the exact fashion as he'll be using them in the ring. He doesn't use any wasted motion what so ever in his MMA workouts. Because Bas Rutten is a profesional fighter, he's developed more than one MMA workout. The Bas Rutten workout discussed here is just for conditioning your muscles. You know, getting them ready for fighting in the ring. Developing your actual fighting techniques will be totally up to you. As always, talk to doctors before beginning your MMA workout routine. You may as well talk to funeral homes too, especially if you plan on jumping into the ring with those crazy MMA dudes. 

  1. Chest press. You've undoubtedly seen those machine chess presses in the gym. Well, Bas Rutten uses these machines to condition his arms for throwing powerful blows in the ring. Grip the handles as if you're going to be throwing a punch. You'll notice that Bas Rutten works fast. So should you. Start out with a manageable weight. Work your butt off until you can eventually increase the weights. Anyway, push the chess press like you're throwing quick punches. After you finish the press, throw a few punches. You feel how light your arms feel? Over time, you'll be throwing some thunderous blows.
  2. The seated tricep extension. Once again, Bas Rutten isn't going through the motions slowly. He's really pushing himself to hit those weights. Just like the chess press, you want to grip the seated tricep extension in the same way that you'll be pulling off a hammer strike on an opponent. Luckily, there's only one way to hold a seated tricep extension. Keep your elbows planted on the supporting plank and push away. Start out with lower weights and increase them as they become too easy.
  3. Bicep curls. There's no surprise here either. Do your bicep curls with with fury. Simple as that. Doing the motions at a quick pace promote quicker movements in the ring. Slow attacks will get you no where but the mat. Hit the curls as hard as you can with a steady, yet quick pace. Increase the weight progressively.
  4. The seated row. This particular machine gets your triceps, rear deltoids and upper back all Hulk-like. You can easily understand why you want your back, i.e. your core to be strong in the ring. As always, hit the row at a furious pace. Once the weights become easy, start to increase them.
  5. Dips. This is another way to work out your back and triceps. You're using nothing but your triceps to lower and lift your body. Do them quickly. This promotes quicker punches and a stronger set of shoulders and upper back.
  6. Leg lifts. It's all about your core baby. This pain in the ass maneuver gets your abs rocking. Turn around on the dip machine. Push you back against the mat. Use your arms to balance. Lift your knees to your chest. Once you can do those easily, try extending your legs in front of you. Use your lower abs to pull your legs upward while keeping them extended. This is not an easy move.
  7. Alternating dumbbell lifts. These are also for building your shoulders and biceps. Curl one up towards you chest while the other one lays still. When you lower one arm, raise the other upward in a curl motion. Remember to hit these as hard and as furious as possible. Increase the weights as they become too easy.
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