How To Do A Basketball Lob Pass

In order to become a better passer, take some time to learn how to do a basketball lob pass.  The lob pass is an effective pass to get the ball over a defender.  It can be used to get the ball into the post or for an alley-oop, among other uses.

  1. Read the defense.  You will need to be aware of the defense in order to successfully execute the lob pass.  As it is a slower pass, you must make sure that the defender will be sealed off from the pass (usually in a post up situation).  Also make sure a separate defender isn't within a couple of steps.
  2. Use a pump fake if needed.  As the lob pass is normally used in a post up situation, we will use this example to illustrate.  In this situation, the defense will be expecting a pass to the post.  However, here, as well as in other situations, a simple pump fake to the weak side can keep the defense off guard, so that they won't be as inclined to disrupt the pass.  This is usually all that is needed to keep the defense on their heels.
  3. Use no more arc than needed.  As the pass is lobbed over your defender, you want to get it over the defender, but not use too much arc on the pass.  Too much arc will mean a turnover.
  4. Use good timing and quickness.  For instance, if you're delivering the ball to the post, don't wait around too long.  The lob pass is slow.  Utilizing a good fake and delivering the lob pass to your teammate quickly is all that is needed.  Also, beginning the pass from over your head is a good way to lessen the arc.  Quickly using a pump fake and delivering the ball will result in a successful lob pass.
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