How To Do Bike Tricks

Do you want to learn about how to do bike tricks? It's really pretty easy to learn about how to do bike tricks. It just takes having confidence that you are not going to fall. These are just some basic bike tricks. A standard bike will work. A 10-speed bike or similar will work just fine. There is no need to get a fancy bike to do bike tricks.

  1. Popping front up trick. While riding your bike, hold the handle bars and pull the front part of the bike up part of the way. Depending on how confident bike riders are with bike tricks, you can pull your bike a couple of feet off the ground. This bike trick might have been referred as something called "pop-a-wheelie" at one time about 20 or more years ago. The name for this bike trick may have since changed.
  2. Riding a bike without hands. Another bike trick, and it takes balance and coordination, is to ride your bike to get some speed. And then, once you feel confident enough, take both hands off of the handle bars.
  3. A foot rest trick on your bike. While you are riding your bike, put both of your feet underneath the handle bars. There is a little attachment where you can put your feet. This bike trick shows that you can ride with speed with your feet put forward and down.
  4. Doing jumps for bike tricks. While riding your bike, stand as you ride. With full control of the bike, take use of your body weight and pull up, bringing the entire bike off the ground a few inches. When you get really confident with this bike trick, you will be able to do higher jumps for a cool bike trick.
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