How To Do BMX Flatland Tricks

Learning how to do BMX flatland tricks may take some time since there is a long list of them. However, if you know the basics about BMX riding then learning these tricks can be rather simple. Flatland is a particular BMX riding style that is performed on flat ground and that is how it got its name. This technique is often used in competition but is harder than it looks. Here are a few steps that will help you learn how to do BMX flatland tricks.

To do BMX flatland tricks, you will need:

  • flatland BMX bike
  • smooth flat surface
  • helmet
  • protective padding
  1. Try the Barhop. This BMX flatland trick involves hopping over the handlebars. Start by tucking your feet under your body so that you are like a cannonball; using your arms to push, jump over the bar. Try and land on the bike's front pegs. Once you have been there for a while, place your feet back on the pedal and over the bar.
  2. One of the easiest flatland tricks is the 180 degree handlebar spin. Start by placing your left foot on the rear peg, then hold onto the left grip using your right hand. Now turn the bar in a 180 degree motion. This act has to be done swiftly and quickly with enough force.
  3. Now try the 360 degree handlebar spin. This turn can be completed by following all of the same steps needed for the 180 degree turn, but apply more force and speed. Make sure that you remove your hands right after you let go of the handlebar. If your hands interfere, then this will ruin your 180 and 360 degree handlebar spins.

The barhop and the handlebar spins are some of the easiest flatland tricks and will help you learn how to do BMX flatland tricks that are more advanced.

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