How to Do a Bounce Pass in Basketball

Need to learn how to do a bounce pass in basketball? Although the bounce pass is one of the most common passes in basketball, it can also be one of the most successful passes to set up your teammates for a score. The traditional bounce pass is completed with two hands, but it can also be completed with one hand. A bounce pass is the best pass to use when the center is posting up at the basket and when you're on a fast break. Follow these five simple steps below to complete a bounce pass in basketball.

To complete a bounce pass in basketball, you will need:

  • Basketball
  • Teammate
  1. Practice dribbling and ball skills. In order to be good at doing a bounce pass, you will need to have basic ball skills. Practice dribbling with both hands.
  2. Find a teammate to receive your bounce passes. You can practice bouncing the basketball towards a target, but a teammate will work best in order to develop a chemistry with a player and a live target.
  3. Face your teammate and create at least a 10 foot space between you and your teammate. You'll need enough space to do a bounce pass.
  4. Hold the basketball at mid-chest level with both hands on either side of the basketball and push the ball towards the ground at the midpoint between you and your teammate and step into the pass with your strong foot forward all in one fluid motion. For one handed bounce passes, hold the basketball with either hand at a 90 degree angle away from your body and release the ball towards the floor at the midpoint between you and your teammate.
  5. Finish the pass with your palms facing out at a 45 degree angle towards the floor. Having the correct form is essential in order to do a bounce pass effectively.


  • Practice doing a bounce pass with the basketball at different points on the floor. A bounce pass on the run will demand more skill and precise passing, while a bounce pass to your teammate in the post will require less force.
  • Practice with a defender. In basketball, you will need to do a bounce pass under constant duress and pressure.



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