How To Do Breakdance Footwork

Do you want to learn how to do breakdance footwork? Breakdance footwork is an important part of breakdancing. Although breakdance footwork is the most basic move you can bust out on the battle floor, it is the very first thing you have to learn in breakdancing. Footwork is the foundation, and almost every breakdance move flows from it. Breakers start with a footwork to build up momentum and go into a more complicated move. The specific term for breakdance footwork is the "six step." In doing the six step, the breaker keeps one of his hands on the floor, or both at the same time, while his legs and body walk around it smoothly. When it's done correctly, it looks like the two legs are getting tangled without being tangled. Get it? Breakdance footwork creates an illusion which is very cool to watch while listening to the music. Follow the breakdance footwork steps below and you will learn how to create your own illusion.

  1. Remember, safety first! Just like any other breakdance move, we always have to perform breakdance footwork safely, or else break a bone and just watch others do it. Wouldn't that be sad? So first, make sure you get a good stretch of all body parts (back, neck, arms and legs). Clear everything around you, so you won't hit anything and injure your legs or even hit your head. Put the proper shoes on to protect your feet and to have a good grip on the floor. Now, turn the beats around, you're ready!
  2. Get into a squatting position with both hands on the floor in front of you. Have your knees off the floor. To start, you want your left leg to cut across to the right in front of the right leg while your left arm keeps you balanced and your right arm is off the floor to give way.
  3. Next, you want your right leg to come forward underneath the left knee as you drop onto your left leg. It will look like you're sitting down Indian-style, but your butt is not touching the floor and you're balancing on your left hand. Your right hand is still up in the air.
  4. Move your left leg around from underneath your right leg and back to a squatting position. Both hands should be on the floor beside you.
  5. Next, you go back to get tangled again. Swing your right leg to the left in front of the left leg, under the left knee, and keep your balance with your right arm.
  6. Have the left leg move back and support yourself with both arms. Make way for the right leg to swing all the way around.
  7. Bring the right leg back across the left leg. You're back in your starting position now, and the cycle can repeat.

It may look like there are a lot of things going on, but all steps should be done in a blink of an eye to make that illusion look good. As you get good with your breakdance footwork, you can always add your own creativity when doing it. Every breaker's got his own style. Some are so good at it, they mix it up with their up rocks (dancing) or start with a suicide (front flip). Whatever you wish to do, as always, practice makes it perfect, and don't forget to have fun with it.

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