How To Do A Cake Tasting For A Wedding

Need to know how to do a cake tasting for a wedding? Next to the wedding dress, the wedding cake may well be the most memorable item in your wedding. In order to pick the exact cake you want, you'll need to do a cake tasting. For those unfamiliar with the idea, a cake tasting for a wedding is when you sample small tastes of wedding cake from the baker of your choice. Cake tasting samples are generally just a few ounces each, but they will give you an idea of what different wedding cake and icing flavors please your palate, and which don't.

  1. Identify a wedding cake baker in your area. The best way to find a good wedding cake baker is by word of mouth. Think back to weddings you've attended and which events had the best cakes, and then get in contact with the bakery that produced the wedding cake.
  2. Make a cake tasting appointment at the wedding cake bakery. Appointments are generally from forty-five minutes to one hour long and are done during daytime hours. Some bakeries may offer later cake tastings, but try to arrive hungry. When you set up the appointment, the bakery representative will usually ask what your favorite flavors are so that samples will be available. Branch out when you give the bakery your sample ideas; even though you might like chocolate, mix it up by asking for German chocolate or chocolate raspberry.
  3. Taste the lightest cakes first. Once you're at the cake tasting appointment, the bakery representative will have you taste the lightest flavored cakes first so that you don't cloud your taste buds. Vanilla cakes with butter cream icing are usually first on the menu, with heavier chocolate cake and icing saved for last.

Follow the tips above and you're sure to find the cake that will fit in perfectly with the wedding of your dreams.

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