How To Do Cardio Exercise With Bad Knees

Many people that suffer from knee pain wonder how to do cardio exercises with bad knees. It is a catch-22 because many people with bad knees tend to be overweight and cardio is the only way to relieve that problem. But, there is a way to take care of this problem and learn how to do cardio exercises with bad knees.

  1. Get some support. Give your knee some extra support with a brace or a wrap. This will make it more stable while you learn how to do cardio exercises with a bad knee. It may also lessen the pain that you may feel while exercising and prevent you from further injury. You can also purchase a pair of sneakers that are made to help better support your legs and knees.
  2. Stretch. Perform exercises that stretch out your legs. Hamstring, quad and calf stretches can also help prevent you from injury while learning how to do cardio with a bad knee.
  3. Stay away from high impact cardio. It is simple. Do not do anything that causes unnecessary force to your knee. Cardio exercises that are high impact include jogging, step classes, tennis and jumping rope.
  4. Choose low impact cardio exercises. There are so many options out there when it comes to cardio. You can ride a bike, even if it is a stationary one. You can take a spin class and modify it so that you aren't doing the jumps and your resistance isn't as high. Use an elliptal machine at your gym for a great low impact option while learning how to do cardio exercise with bad knees. If you want a no impact option, go kayaking or use a rowing machine. Any activity that gets your heart rate up for an extended period of time is considered cardio exercise so don't limit your options.
  5. A few helpful hints. When you are learning how to do cardio exercise with bad knees, don't expect it to be painless right away. It will take time for you to get more comfortable and build muscle that helps to support your knee. Don't give up if it hurts, just slow down or try a new form of cardio.
  6. Looks may be deceiving. You would think that walking is harmless. It doesn't seem to be high impact. But, it in fact can affect your bad knees. Your feet pounding the pavement or the treadmill will begin to affect you if you already have knee issues, making it an exercise that is considered high impact. If your knee pain isn't very severe then it may be an option for you or one that you should aim to achieve.
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