How to Do a Chest Pass in Basketball

Knowing how to do a chest pass in basketball is essential for playing the game well.  The chest pass, along with the bounce pass, is an important type of pass in basketball.  Take the following steps and considerations into account for learning how to do a chest pass in basketball.

  1. Place your hands behind the ball.  Your hands should be close to each other behind the ball.  They likely won't be touching, but within a few inches of each other.
  2. Get your feet into position.  When you do a chest pass in basketball, you will need to step into the pass.  Get your feet ready with the proper support, ready and able to step into the pass.
  3. Target your pass and prepare to start the motion of the chest pass.  Before you begin the motion, you obviously need to know where you're passing the ball.  This will alter the angle and power, so adjust accordingly.
  4. Perform the chest pass with a quick and strong motion.  Once you are ready to do the chest pass, you need to begin an release the ball in a quick, strong, and fluid motion.  From your chest push the ball straight towards your target.
  5. Practice the chest pass.  While the steps are relatively simple and self-explanatory, it is best to learn by practicing with the correct form.  It definitely takes some getting used to, but once you are accustomed to doing a chest pass in basketball, you will be able to do it with ease.
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