How To Do Clapping Push Ups

Learn how to do clapping push ups to show off so you can impress and annoy the masses! Yes that's right, with these easy steps you can become the cocky annoying guy at the gym who does one handed push ups and clapping push ups to show everyone how bad ass he is. In all seriousness, clapping push ups are a great exercise, and not just a way for jocks to show off. These work the body in a different way than normal push ups and have their place in a good workout routine. Clapping push ups are a form of plyometric exercise which utilizes short bursts of muscle contraction for increasing power.  Here's how to properly perform clapping push ups.

  1. Get good at doing push ups. If you can't do a significant number of regular push ups well, do not try clapping push ups. If you can't bench 200 pounds, would you try 400? It's the same principle. Remember that no one wants to be the guy who broke his nose on the floor while trying to do clapping push ups. The same goes for the guy with the broken fingers, wrists, etc. If you can't do 50 push ups in good form, work harder at it before moving on to one handed push ups or clapping push ups.
  2. Use good form. Take the correct push up position with feet together, back straight, and arms straight out with hands directly in line with the shoulders. Maintain good plank position making sure that your neck and hips form a solid line with your back. No part of the body should dip during the execution of a clapping push up.
  3. Chest to the floor. in the lowering part of the push up, the goal is to bring the chest toward the floor while keeping the spine straight. It is important to ensure that the only movement is in the arms. What we want to do is bring the chest down to a position where the arms form a 90 degree angle. at this point it's time for the push.
  4. Launch. Unlike a normal push up, this variety calls for enough force to actually launch the upper body into the air. In clapping push ups we want to use maximum force. This means that you need to push as hard as possible off of the floor to gain good air. When your hands are off the floor, clap them together quickly and then return them to the original position to catch yourself. This is a quick movement that requires a lot of power and focus. Not completing the clap and return quickly will result in injury. 

Be smart, be safe, and see the benefits of adding clapping push ups to your routine.        

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