How To Do Crazy Ping Pong Serves

If you're looking to up your table tennis game, learn how to do crazy ping pong serves. Crazy ping pong serves are an incredibly useful part of the game for good ping pong players everywhere as they throw your opponent off significantly. The main thing these crazy ping pong serves do is make players return serves in such a way that they are vulnerable for hard returns from the person who originally served the ball. There are specific techniques for doing crazy ping pong serves, like the Ma Lin ghost serve.

To do crazy ping pong serves, you will need:

  • ping pong paddle
  • ping pong table
  • ping pong balls
  1. Get a lot of ping pong balls and put them in a container you can easily access beside your ping pong table. You will need these for practicing the serve.
  2. Hold the ping pong paddle in one hand and practice hitting down on the ball at a 45 degree angle when you serve it. This is a standard backspin serve. Become good at this technique.
  3. Practice swinging up on the ball when you hit it at exactly the opposite direction at a 45 degree angle. This will make the ball bounce forward and over the net, but stop in mid-air on the other side and spin the other direction. You know you will have done it right when the ball bounces to the other side and then comes back against the net. This is the Ma Lin Ghost serve, one of the craziest serves in all of ping pong.
  4. Practice this serve over and over again. This crazy ping pong serve will take time to perfect, but if you become proficient at it, you will be much tougher to beat in the sport of ping pong.
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