How to Do a Crossover in Basketball

In developing your driving ability, learning how to do a crossover in basketball can greatly increase the effectiveness of this offensive ability. In basketball, the crossover is an important weapon used to take the ball to the basket, as well as being useful in general ball-handling situations. Take some time to work on the skills needed to perform the crossover in basketball.

  1. Improve your general ball-handling skills. If you can't use both hands to dribble well, there's no sense in crossing the ball to your bad hand. Of course, this is important for your general basketball ability, but it will also allow you to do the crossover much more effectively.

  2. Use your fingertips. The crossover will be much slower if you are using a different part of your hand to do the crossover. Using your fingertips will allow for much greater speed and control to beat your defender with the crossover.

  3. Work on performing the crossover with speed. Practice the crossover by taking the dribble and quickly bouncing the basketball to the other hand. You should be explosively moving forward either once or as you receive the basketball with your other hand, depending on the situation. Practice the crossover with varying speeds and following moves to the basket or around your defender.

  4. Work on the move following the crossover. Often the crossover is a one-on-one move to break down the defender. Practice the crossover with different following moves, such as a quick drive to the basket, a double crossover to the other side, or a move between the legs. You can even use it in other ways, such as to gain space for the immediate jumper.

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