How To Do A Detox Liquid Diet

Need to know how to do a detox liquid diet? A liquid detox diet is an extremely popular method to jump start a diet, or to eliminate toxins from the body, as an ongoing, healthy total body maintenance program. There are quite a few liquid detox diets on the market that can be bought right off the shelf, but  before you understand what the whole liquid detox diet process is about,  you will want to read the rest of this article which provides some insight on how to do a liquid detox diet on your own.

In reference to a liquid detox ,water and juice are the most common methods for a liquid detox diet fast, with a combination of using juices and water being the most popular. A plain water fast is very hard to do. Although the body is receiving a supply of much appreciated water to eliminate toxins, it is not receiving solid foods, calories, proteins or fats — no energy to provide fuel. A combination of water and juice will help the body to naturally detox, and eliminate body waste, in addition to receiving some calories and nutrients to help energy levels.

To do a  48 hour liquid detox diet using water and juice, you will need the following:

  • Preparation time of 48-72 hours which consists of eating fresh fruits, vegetables, beans and a few nuts. Recommended fruits and vegetables for liquid detox diets are organic celery, carrot, kale, cabbage, apple, pineapple, cranberry, spinach, beet, and greens. Citrus fruits can be used in moderation.
  • Squeezer/juicer required to prepare vegetables and fruits for 48-hour  period consumption.


  1. Preparation time 48-72 hours. The last thing you want to do is to eat a large meal high in fat and bad carbohydrates as the "last supper", before you start a liquid detox diet. Start cutting fatty foods, meat, dairy and processed foods from your diet three days before your fast. By the 48 to 24 hour period, meals should consist mainly of fresh, fruits, vegetables, beans and a some nuts. If you cannot purchase Organic produce, rinse and cleanse produce thoroughly multiple times before eating.
  2. Squeezer/juicer required to prepare vegetables and fruits for fasting period consumption. If you own a juice squeezer, or blender that’s fine. You can use it to extract the fruit juice you will need for the 48 hour liquid detox diet, but a juicer will work wonders on not only fruit, it also captures the nutritious fiber pulp of vegetables. Use a juicer to mix and match the delicious, flavors and textures of fruits and vegetables to make healthy drinks and smoothies. You will drink about 64 ounces of juice each day. When you feel hungry, drink juice. Drink water periodically as a substitute, or for a change in taste and texture.
  3. Introduce solid foods slowly. Entertainment celebrities have gone on record to lose mega-pounds with liquid detox diets that have lasted weeks. Weeks is a long time to ingest nothing but, juices and water. After doing a liquid deter diet for about two days, slowly start introducing solid foods  back into your diet. Fresh fruits, vegetables, a little lean meat, and slice bread for starters. However, don't over do it.

The absence of excess fats, bad carbohydrates and unwanted toxins in the body just plain feels good! Understanding how to do a liquid detox diet can save you some time and money, before trying out the latest and greatest, not so helpful wonder remedy. Give the basics a try. Raw, fresh, organic, fruits and vegetables for at least 48 hours.


  • It is important to limit the length of the liquid detox diet, as it severely limits caloric intake, and provides virtually no protein or fat.
  • A strictly water fast should not be done for longer than 48 hours, unless medically supervised, and juice fasts are also not recommended for more than a week or two. Always consult your Physician before any diet or exercise.
  • The above information suggests a liquid detox diet for a 48-hour period. Experiment, learn and enjoy the benefits of a liquid detox diet.
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