How To Do A Double Chair Flare In Breakdancing

Need to know how to do a double chair flare in breakdancing? Maybe you’ve got that B-boy in you bursting to break out and learn how to bust into double chair flares to show your homies how cool you are. We’re going to show you how to double chair flare in breakdancing step-by-step, but before you can attempt this fan favorite dance piece, you must build a solid core strength by crunching out daily sit-ups and upper body strength by pumping out daily push-ups. Being in top shape is essential for breakdancing.

  1. Before you try a double chair flare, the first rule of breakdancing is to stretch. Do several leg stretches for your hamstrings and arm stretches, then rotate and flex your wrists several times to keep them loose.
  2. The first step of a clockwise flare is to spread your legs apart. Bend over and place your left hand down between your legs, and hold your right hand up in the air. Then, fully extend your left leg behind your right leg and plant your foot. Do not kick your left foot onto your right leg, for the momentum comes from kicking your right leg up on its own and out toward your face. By this point, your right hand will automatically swing around and fall down behind you with both legs flared up in front of you, up in a “V” formation.
  3. Next, swing your left leg and left arm up toward your face, bracing your body weight with your right hand. Sweep your left leg in front of your right leg and your right hand will automatically fall down in front of you. Now both hands are in front of you and you are facing the pavement with both legs behind you in an outward “V” stance. Repeat this several times and the rotation becomes automatic. That’s how you drive the double chair flare breakdancing move.

Tips to keep in mind are to keep your hips high, for the higher the hips the higher the flare. Shift your hips throughout the circular rotation to add speed to the aerial twirl. Practice this sensational strength breakdance double chair flare until you have it down perfectly and you’ll gain respect from your crew, because this break move is buck!

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