How To Do A Double Crossover In Basketball

For those wishing to add to their offensive moves, learning how to do a double crossover in basketball can be extremely effective.  The double crossover is an advanced move used to break down the defender.  It can be useful in taking the ball to the basket or going around a defender when bringing the ball up the court.

  1. Work on your ball handling.  You must be an above average ball handler if you expect to do a double crossover (well).  Make sure you can dribble very well with either hand before working on the double crossover.
  2. Start by performing the double crossover slowly.  First work on the mechanics of the move slowly.  Practice by not looking down at all. 
  3. Add speed.  Once you can do the double crossover slowly, you must continue to add speed and quickness to the move.  Work on the double crossover as fast as you can.  Adding jukes and head fakes will allow you to utilize simultaneous moves.
  4. Practice the double crossover with moves to the basketYou need to make sure that you will be able to finish the play if you successfully get around your defender from the double crossover.  Practice the double crossover with a finishing move to the basket.  Or, perhaps use other moves, such as a step back jumper.
  5. Drill the double crossover.  Spend time drilling the double crossover.  Take time on the quickness of the move, offensive moves to follow, and even other dribbling moves to the end of the double crossover.  For instance, a behind-the-back dribble following the double crossover would be very hard to stop as a defender.  A good way to practice is to perform the double crossover all the way up the court at varying speeds; once you get to the basket, finish.
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