How To Do Double Picking On Guitar

Take your guitar playing to a new level by learning how to do double picking on guitar. Double picking on guitar, also known as tremolo picking, is a style of playing where the guitarists picks the same note over and over. If you do doubling picking on guitar properly, it will not sound as though you are picking the note over and over. Instead, it will sound like one continuous note. You should be familiar with guitar playing basics before you attempt double picking.

  1. Hold the guitar as you normally would, with your right arm over the body of the guitar and your left hand holding the neck. You should hold a thick plastic guitar pick in your right hand.
  2. Press the third fret on the high E string (the bottom string on the guitar) with the middle finger of your left hand. You will be playing a G note.
  3. Grip the pick in your right hand between the thumb and index finger and pluck the high E string in a downward motion. Bend your thumb so that you are holding the pick at a 45 degree angle. Holding the pick at the right angle is one key to successfully double picking on guitar.
  4. Continue to grip the pick and pluck the E string upwards. The up and down plucking needs to be rapid, with no pause between. Continue to pluck down and up on the string, keeping the note going. Use your entire arm to double pick, not just your wrist. The other key to double picking on guitar is a gentle touch, enough to sustain the note, but not enough to stop it. Use the tip of the pick only and just barely pluck the string each time.
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