How To Do An Easy MMA Ab Workout

Working the abdominal muscles is a component of good MMA and learning how to do easy MMA ab workouts is a snap. Ab workouts work the area of the body that needs the greatest attention. The abdominal is a vulnerable spot on a fighter and needs a steady and proven workout. Use the routine below as an ab workout that will branch into other avenues to work your ab muscles as your skill and tolerance increases. The importance of ab workouts is obvious: body shots. Body shots or shots to the abs are a great way to slow down an aggressive opponent. Having a solid ab workout routine and proper training can support a fighter through a fight.

MMA is a widely popular sport. Many people get into it as spectators or engage in the sport. This may be just for conditioning, muscle tone, self-defense or something more serious career-wise. Working the abdominal muscles is a key component to success at any level.

What you will need to perform this workout:

  • Solid surface
  • Medicine ball
  • Friend
  1. To begin any workout routine, make sure you warm up first. Stretch the abdominal region as part of this warm up. Begin the routine with crunches. Perform as many as you can and then increase by five each new routing.
  2. Work incline and decline sit-ups as well. Be careful not to hurt your neck or upper back here. Err on the side if caution. This should be a major part of your routine. Once you have stretched and performed the crunches and sit-ups, you are ready for the medicine ball.
  3. Here you want to have your friend drop the medicine ball on your clenched abdomen. Repeat this many times over. The medicine ball's impact will tighten and toughen up the muscles for impact versus strength. Repeat this workout no less than three times a week.
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