How To Do An Easy Wakeboard Trick

Learning how to do an easy wakeboard trick can help you improve at the sport and impress your friends at the same time. There are many wakeboard that are easy to learn. One of the easiest and most classic tricks is a 180.

To accomplish this, you’ll need:

  • Wakeboard
  • Handle
  1. Get used to riding the wake. The wake is basically the small wave that results from the boat that’s pulling you gliding through the water at high speeds. Before you can accomplish an easy wakeboard trick like the 180, you need to be comfortable with the wake.
  2. Push outside of the wake. To start the easy wakeboard trick and 180, get on the outside of the wake. The 180 will be easier if you’re on your heel side.
  3. Hold the wakeboard handle down near your waist. When it’s at your waist, rotate it as if you’re placing it inside your pocket.
  4. Get closer to the wake. When the momentum of the wake starts to push the wakeboard and you’re in the air, quickly let go of the handle with the top hand.
  5. Pull the handle back with the bottom hand. As you pull, turn in the opposite direction. For example, if you’re pulling back to the right, twist your body to the left. This will help you accomplish the easy wakeboard trick of a 180.
  6. Stick the landing. As you land, don’t come down with your heels. This can cause you to slip and fall backward. Come down a little toward the front instead, and you’ll stay firmly on the wakeboard.

There are several different variations of the wakeboard 180. Once you learn the classic 180, which is an easy wakeboard trick, you can learn how to do a four base 180, heelside frontside 180, heelside backside 180, toeside frontside 180 and the toeside backside 180.

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