How To Do Easy Wakeboard Tricks

Learning how to do easy wakeboard tricks is the first building block in learning how to do the advanced tricks that require lots of experience and practice. When you learn to do easy wakeboard tricks, you can impress your friends and even begin building up to more advanced tricks. If you’ve just started wakeboarding and you’re ready to do easy wakeboard tricks that won’t take months to master, check these out!

  1. One of the easiest wakeboard tricks to start out with is “wake grind.” To complete this trick, you must start outside of the wake. When you’ve got a good handle on your wakeboard and you’re ready, approach the wake on top. Once you’re atop the wake, turn your body to face the boat. This should go over smoothly due to your fins being above water. While atop the wake, use your back foot to push in the direction of the boat.
  2. If you’re ready to try one of the more intense (yet easy) wakeboard tricks, check out the “tail grab.” This trick is quite simple if you can master getting air on your wakeboard. Using the wake, catch some air and once you’re in the air, grab the tail end of the board using your rear hand. Be sure to let go before you land as well.
  3. Check out the “nose grab” for another one of the easy grab wakeboard tricks. Once again, when you’re approaching the wake, use it to gain some air. Once you’re in the air, use your front hand to grab the front of the wakeboard. Release it before you land, and you will have completed a successful “nose grab.”
  4. Try a “surface 180” to get comfortable with surface tricks. This trick does not require that you jump or make much movement at all. However, you must be quick. When riding freely, turn your wakeboard quickly a complete 180 degrees so that your front hand changes to rear and vice versa. 
  5. Lastly, try the “no-hander” if you’re daring enough. The “no-hander” is probably the trickiest of all of the easy wakeboard tricks, but if you can master the above, you’ll have this one in no time. While riding freely on your wakeboard, simply reach the handle down and lock it between your knees. Be sure to clench hard so that you don’t lose it. Rise back up, and you will have completed this trick when you are still wakeboarding hands-free!
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