How to Do a Fast Break in Basketball

Learning how to do a fast break in basketball is an important part of the game for all teams.  While some teams are better able to perform the fast break, all teams can take advantage of certain situations.  Take the following steps and guidelines into consideration for integrating the fast break into your team's playing strategy.

  1. Know your personnel.  Some teams are more adept at running the fast break.  It is important to have a couple of good rebounders.  Perhaps the most fundamental part is having an athletic team.  Players that can rebound, run the floor, make good decisions, and finish are perfect for running the fast break.  Teams that are built for this can run it even when there are not advantageous situations for the break.
  2. Take advantage of numbers.  When your team has an advantage in numbers, the fast break should be a priority.  Some defenses are not good at getting back on defense, or perhaps crash the offensive glass.  Whatever the situation, if you can beat the defense down the floor, take advantage and utilize the fast break.
  3. Find the outlet.  The "outlet" is the ball handler who will transition from the rebound to the break.  Ideally, he will receive the ball just before half court.  This player can swing the ball if someone is open, or immediately lead the break himself.
  4. Make quick passes and moves.  Everything should be focused on advancing the ball for the easy basket.  Find the open man quickly to advance the ball, or allow your quick ball handlers and scorers to drive towards the basket.
  5. Finish the break.  The objective is to take advantage of the defense for an easy basket.  The offense should drive the ball to the basket, looking to get the easy bucket or perhaps draw the foul.
  6. Get back on defense.  A fast break team will counter the fast break with the fast break.  Adjust accordingly.
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