How To Do A Flare

Would you like to learn how to do a flare? A flare is a powerful breakdancing move that originated from gymnastics. It requires a tremendous amount of upper body strength and coordination. Flare breakdancing is achieved when a break dancer plants both hands on the floor while he swings both legs in the air in a circular motion. The dance move looks similar to a windmill. There are many combinations that can be done while doing a flare. A popular combo is flare to windmill. Before you can attempt a flare, follow these steps and you will be on your way.

  1. Safety first! Stretch your legs, lower back and arms. Be sure to get stretch your arms really well because they will be doing most of the lifting. Put on shoes to protect your ankles if case you hit the floor. You'll fall to the floor plenty of times until you get the hang of it. Now turn up the music! You are ready to breakdance.
  2. Start with a standing position. Stand with your legs apart. Bend over and put your right hand in front of you to support your body.
  3. Swing your right leg forward, followed by your left leg clockwise. This part is very important. This is when you try to enter the momentum of the flare.
  4. As you swing your legs forward and around, your left arm will drop to the floor. Both hands will be utilized to keep the body off the ground and both legs will be elevated as you swing around.
  5. When you swing to the other side, shift weight to your left hand. This will let your legs fly all the way around without your right arm blocking the way.
  6. As you increase your speed, the swinging motion will keep you legs off the ground as they sweep around. Try to swing as high as possible to gain momentum. The cycle repeats.

Flares are not easy. It will take hours of practice and patience to learn, but it will all pay off. Like any breakdancing moves, practice makes it perfect. Take baby steps if you must and never forget to turn up the music and have fun!

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