How To Do A Floater On A Skimboard

Learning how to do a floater on a skimboard is a great way to add style and flash to your skimboarding repertoire. The following steps are designed to teach an intermediate level skimboarder to do a floater on a skimboard.  Riders should only attempt to do a floater on a skimboard if they have already mastered turning and riding waves on a skimboard.

  1. Approach: As a set of waves approaches, choose the wave you are going to try to ride and time your run accordingly.
  2. Set up: Run down the beach and throw your board on the thin layer of water left after the receding wave. Hop on the board and head toward the incoming shorebreak. At this point you should have already spotted your wave and should know which direction you plan on turning.
  3. Catch the wave: Your momentum will bring you out into deeper water towards your wave. As your board hits the wave, do a top turn mid-face and hook the board back into the wave’s energy.
  4. On a broken wave: If the wave breaks before you get to it, you can still do a floater on a skimboard. In this case, take your weight off of your front foot and press down on your back foot. Your momentum will carry you up the broken part of the wave. Skip to step 6.
  5. On an unbroken wave: After your top turn, you should be riding down the line of the wave. A shorebreak wave will likely close out, presenting the opportunity to do a floater on a skimboard. As the wave starts to section, angle the board towards the lip and project the nose of the skimboard above the broken part of the wave. With your weight on your back foot, you and the board should project to the top of the lip and “float” there.
  6. Above the lip: Stay balanced above the lip and eye your landing.
  7. Dropping down: As the wave continues to crash, push off the wave and ride back down. Keep your weight on the tail to avoid pearling or landing flat. The wave’s energy should project you ahead of the crashing lip, allowing you to ride towards shore.
  8. Practice: Doing a floater on a skimboard is not easy, but skimboarding offers plenty of opportunity for repetition, so with a bit of focus and practice you should be able to lock it down.
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