How To Do Free Running

Learning how to do free running can be challenging, but it can also be very rewarding and enlightening. Free running is an acrobatic sport that has been motivated by Parkour, although the two sports are not the same. Parkour focuses on precision and efficiency while free running is about freedom of movement. They will look similar to the untrained eye, but the two disciplines can be vastly different.

  1. Free running requires a lot of endurance and strength training. Your body will need to be in peak physical condition to do almost all of the skills that free runners are capable of. You will be in a constant state of exercise during the entire period you are free running. Your muscles, heart, and lungs will be working very hard and will need to be ready for such an extreme workout. If you are not prepared for the intensity of free running, you could be seriously injured.
  2. You will need to work on your acrobatic skills. A great way to practice flipping and spinning is on a trampoline. You will also be able to increase your leg strength and jumping abilities if you train on a trampoline. Free runners need to be able to jump high and long distances, and they also need to be able to flip and spin at will. This is all part of the mentality of free running, which is freedom of movement.
  3. Start off slow when learning how to do free running. Your body will be sore and tired after just a small amount of training once you first start off. Even if you are used to working out and training, free running is a very different type of exercise that utilizes muscles that you will not have used before. If you work too hard in the beginning you could injure yourself.
  4. Practice free running with a friend or a group of friends. Some of the stunts can be dangerous and it will be much safer if you have people with you. Also, you can learn from each others mistakes and successes. Plus, free running, like any other sport, is more fun to do when you have buddies doing it with you.
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