How To Do Freestyle Soccer Moves

Learning how to do freestyle soccer moves requires a great deal of practice and training in all the basic elements of soccer, including dribbling, passing, shooting and juggling. Using these basic elements, a player can then learn to add his own freestyle moves, which add the flair needed to beat his opponents.

To learn how to do freestyle soccer moves, you will need:

  • A soccer ball
  • Soccer cleats
  • A field
  • Teammates
  • Training cones
  1. Begin by working on mastering the basic skills needed in soccer to be an effective player. Work on passing and shooting drills with other players and focus on varying height and power used when kicking the ball. Once more control of the ball has been gained, work on coordination with the ball by passing with a teammate while running down a field and using training cones to create a obstacle course through which players must pass and move the ball through  Over time the increased control will lead to the confidence necessary to perform freestyle soccer moves.
  2. Spend a great deal of time working on your dribbling skills. Freestyle movement is based primarily on being able to dribble the ball against opposition in the most unpredictable manner possible. Practice with a teammate by trying to pass him and creating deceptions in movement. A lot of the flair involved in  freestyle dribbling involves faking certain movements to create deception. These subtleties are learned by repetition against an opponent who will not fall for the more basic deceptions in dribbling.
  3. The most important step in learning freestyle movement involves learning to juggle. Juggling with the feet is the most complex form of ball control and  allows a player to improvise with the ball in the air and ultimately master all other forms of control as well. Once a player feels comfortable with his command over the ball, it is time to begin experimenting, adding new skills and movements that can be used for exhibition or as a way to create an opening during a match.
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