How To Do A French Manicure At Home For Your Girlfriend

Learning how to do a french manicure at home for your girlfriend is sure to win you her attention as well as affection. Before getting started, you will need four materials to make the manicure a success. Collect nail polish remover, a skin toned nail polish and white nail polish or a white nail polish pen. Set aside some time together and get started.

  1. Remove the nail polish on her fingernails. You can't put one nail polish on top of another, so the current color needs to be removed. Even if she just has a clear coat  on her nails, use the remover to take it off. This gives you a clean canvas to work with. If she had a darker color polish on, like a deep red or even black, it may take a few times to remove all of the color. Don't give up.
  2. Paint each of the nails with a neutral color. Stores sell colors specifically for a french manicure. It may be a clear or milky color with a pink or peachy tone. You may want to ask for a little help picking out the color if she doesn't already have it at home. She will be so appreciative that you are doing this for her, that she won't mind helping out a little in this area. Allow the nails to dry completely before moving on to the next step.
  3. Add the white polish to the top of each nail. This is the most difficult step in the process. You want to create a half moon shape of white that stretches from the left hand side of the top of the nail to the right. You can use a piece of paper as a guide by cutting out a rounded edge, placing in over the nail and hand with only the tip of the fingernail showing, and paint along the edge. Don't get discouraged if it doesn't turn out perfectly. Most women struggle with this step when giving themselves a french manicure. Allow the white to dry completely.
  4. Coat the nail completely with a clear top coat polish. This helps prevent the nail from chipping and makes the manicure last longer. It also gives her a finished look, as if she just walked out of the nail salon.
Keep in mind that for her, this activity is not just about what you are doing for her, but also the time spent together. A french manicure at home for your girlfriend would make a wonderful birthday, anniversary or Christmas present.
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