How To Do The Frog Sex Position

If you are looking for a fun time, learn how to do the frog sex position. New sex positions are always fun to try out with your partner. This can help you to enjoy new things in the bedroom and also become closer emotionally to your partner. This position is one that can get you great penetration from behind. This position is similar to the doggie style position, but is changed up just a bit. It is called the frog sex position.

  1. The woman will want to get on all fours for this position originally. The man will slide up behind her and play around for a little bit. He will want to rub his penis against her vagina to get her wet and ready for the frog sex position.
  2. Now you will want to get into the frog position. To do this, the woman will want to sit in a position like a frog. This will mean hands and feet on the bed with her knees up. Think of playing leapfrog as a child and this is the position you will want to be in for the frog sex position.
  3. She should put the majority of her weight on her legs to hold herself up for this position.  This will help her to be comfortable while enjoying the position. She can rest on her arms a little bit of  she needs to during sex while performing the frog sex position. The man can also help hold her up a little if needed.
  4. The man should now slide up behind her.  Next, he should slide his penis into her vagina from behind. Let him have most of the control, but she can bounce up and down a little on him to enjoy herself more as well. This position feels like a frog is bouncing up and down in front of the man while he is having sex with his woman.
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