How To Do A Front Flip

Knowing how to do a front flip is one of the basics of gymnastics. Before you try them, it is important to have in your mind how you are going to do it. Otherwise, you may injure yourself trying to do a front flip.

  1. Take a small run up. It is important not to start standing when you are learning to do a front flip. Take a couple of steps before jumping into your flip.
  2. Leap off of your dominant foot, pushing it into the ground with your feet slightly in front of your head. This channels the momentum from your run up into upward energy and allows you to jump higher.
  3. Jump at a slight angle, again, retaining the momentum.
  4. As you feel yourself stalling, you have reached the peak of your jump. Tuck your legs into your chest as fast as you can and you will spin you around your center of gravity.
  5. As you feel your head returning to the upright position, kick your legs out and prepare yourself to absorb the shock of hitting the ground.
  6. As you hit the ground, bend your legs. Try to keep your balance and stay on your feet. If you cannot do this immediately, do not worry, it will come with practice.
  7. Congratulations! You have completed your first front flip. Now keep practicing and perfect your front flip!


Try not to tuck your legs in too early as this halts your upward movement, and you may not be high enough to complete a full spin.

When you first try this, we would recommend doing it on a soft surface. It will most likely take a few shots to get it right!

Most importantly, have confidence! If you go into if half-heartedly, you will most likely not succeed because you will not have put enough effort in.



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