How To Do A Gainer Flip

Are you into break dancing and want to impress the crowd by learning how to do a gainer flip? Maybe you're looking to add a bit of flair to your dance style and figure that this flip will be a wowing factor? A gainer flip is a back flip which is very similar to that of the back tuck only the flip is started on one foot and the other foot is used to propel the person backwards or used to kick off a wall. Once this move is perfected it can be added to any part of a break dancing routine to really add a punch.

Items needed to learn a gainer flip (recommended but not necessary)

  • Gymnastic mats
  • One or two people to be used as spotters
  1. Learn the back tuck. Performing a gainer flip is easier if the back tuck has been perfected. The momentum needed for a back tuck is very similar to that of the gainer flip. Enroll in some tumbling classes at a local gymnastics center to gain the proper technique for a back tuck.
  2. Assemble mats or spotters. Although the gainer flip is popular in break dancing, it is a popular gymnastics-oriented move. Before practicing make sure that there are gymnastic mats to break a fall or spotters assembled to help you gain enough momentum to flip over. Having these precautions set up will prevent any injury from occurring.
  3. Warm up. Make sure that the balls of the feet are warmed up and the body is warm enough to try the gainer flip. The warmer your body, the more flexible you will be and the ability to flip backwards will come easier.
  4. Run forward three or four steps. Starting a few steps back allows the flipper to gain a bit of forward momentum to be able to flip over backwards. There's no need to run full force but there should be movement similar to a quick-paced walk. Running too fast will result in injury.
  5. Push from one foot while jumping backwards. Push off from the ball of the one foot. This is a similar movement to the back tuck, but the starting position uses one foot instead of two.
  6. Allow the free leg to kick overhead or off a wall. As the flip is being performed, the free leg–the leg not used to jump off of–will need to be kicked backwards to create enough movement to flip over. Start by trying to kick off a wall as this will help the body gain the proper sense of momentum. Remember, the spotters are there to help a performer flip over all the way in case there is not enough momentum.

Trying to perfect the gainer flip can be a bit tricky. It is a technical gymnastics move and can result in injury if not done properly. Always make sure there are mats or spotters there to help while learning this type of flip.

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