How Do Girls Get Wet?

Have you ever wondered how do girls get wet? If so, this article will give you the answers. Many men may not have any clue why a vagina can get wet during sex. Other men may be curious just exactly what vaginal fluids are made of. If you’re in either one of those categories, we’re going to answer all your questions, and maybe a few more.

When a woman becomes aroused, the body starts pumping more blood to the area of her sexual organs. This blood causes a physical reaction that could be compared to sweating. In addition to the sweat, a woman has a substance in her vagina called cervical mucus. That’s right, mucus, just like what comes out of your nose, only from the cervix. When this is combined with the sweaty substance, everything gets super juicy, moist, and slick, allowing for easy entrance for the penis.

If you are with a woman and she can’t seem to get wet, it may be because you aren’t giving enough stimulation before diving in. A woman will get wet a lot easier if her partner is patient, and learns to properly use his hands and mouth on her.

Some women aren’t able to get wet enough, making sex very painful.  In those cases, many people choose to use some kind of lubrication as a replacement for the ability to get wet. There are many commercial lubrications out there that are perfectly safe to use, and ideal for people suffering with this issue.  

Other women have the opposite problem. They just get way too wet, and their partners may have trouble getting enough friction against their penises to reach an orgasm. The latter problem can also happen because the man spends too much time masturbating, which can make the vagina seem loose and overly slick in comparison.

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