How Do Girls Masturbate?

Guys are fascinated by the idea of girls masturbating, so how do girls masturbate? It's a turn-on, something you'd love to watch. Well, most guys would love to watch anyway, but really how do girls masturbate? Is there a specific thing they do that makes this a fun thing for them? Better yet, if you learn how do girls masturbate, you may be able to help them out and have them doing it in front of you more often!

So, technically how do girls masturbate? You do need props at times, but you can also just simply lie down on the bed or sit anywhere you can get comfortable. Being excited will help out the whole process though, but you can watch a movie, read a story or watch a video to help with lubrication. Or, simply have a bottle of lubrication ready and waiting.

Nakedness is a must, at least from the waist down, to really masturbate well, though pulling the panties to the side is something that can be done when you want to rush the whole process. However, let's consider how to take a nice slow session and learn how do girls masturbate?

Get your toys out and lubrication if needed, along with the props. Get on the bed and get ready for some fun. Normally, just starting out with inserting a toy can be something that will be a big turn-on, but let's just start slowly.

Lubricating the fingers that will be used with spit or some other substance, a girl will begin to rub around the vagina and clit. Focusing attention on the clit will have you getting moist and more excited. But, don't completely focus on just that one part, because you may not last long and well, you won't be nearly as satisfied.

After a girl is wet, the toy will come into play well, and will make masturbation a lot more fun. Insert it slowly into the vagina or simply pound away, depending on the girl.  With a mixture of finger and toy, a girl can get close to orgasm very quickly. Playing with the clit as the other hand is plunging the toy in and out of the vagina is a big factor in a mind blowing orgasm.

Really, the steps of how do girls masturbate are not too many. If a girl is really horny, the whole thing may last only a few minutes, but it can last longer. Some girls, after one orgasm, will continue to have multiple orgasms. Again, they will continue to play with the clit and use the toy in the vagina to help those come out!

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