How Do Girls Slide In Softball

So, how do girls slide in softball? Well, very carefully, just as they do in baseball! The only difference is the distance between the bases is shorter. Therefore, being quick and knowing when to slide are two important points to remember when sliding in softball.

Timing is very important when sliding in softball because if you slide too soon, you will look like an amateur. Waiting for the last minute to slide may cause a serious injury to the ankle or leg. Learning how to slide in softball is an essential skill that everyone who plays the sport will have to learn. Sliding also prevents collisions from occurring on the field, which can cause serious injuries. Follow the guide below to find out how do girls slide in softball.

To slide in softball, you will need:

  • Make sure to wear softball cleats
  • Softball diamond with bases in place
  1. First, warm up. You can stretch the legs really well before you run. Go for a quick jog around the bases. This helps to get the blood pumping and loosen up the muscles in the legs and the body.
  2. You can push off from the base as the pitcher releases the ball. Run as fast as you can from first base to second base.
  3. When you reach about half way between first and second base, begin turning the body slightly to the left. As you begin approaching second base, about six feet from the base, tuck the subdominant leg underneath the dominant leg. The legs will form an overlapping triangle shape. Make sure the inside of the foot is tucked behind the backside of the knee.
  4. As you are sliding, make sure the outside part of the foot on the dominant leg is lined up with the base. When you approach the base, the dominant foot is turned to the side. As you hit the base with their dominant foot, push the body upward. This will allow your momentum to carry you forward. It will also propel you upward and you will then land on the dominant leg.
  5. You can also slide during a fly ball, this is known as a pop-up slide. This slide is effective because it allows you to steal another base if there is a throwing error.

Now that you have learned how girls slide in softball, you too can practice this slide. At first, there may be slight soreness on the sub-dominant leg because it is used to support your weight when sliding. Once the slide has been mastered, the soreness should subside.


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