How To Do Glitches On Call Of Duty 4

Knowing how to do glitches in the Call of Duty 4 game offers additional capabilities. Glitches are components of a game that were probably not intended to offer users the ability to perform particular tasks. For example, currently discovered glitches allow the gamer to go faster, jump higher and even cause the game to freeze. Some glitches will let the claymore bounce from the head just for fun. Glitches are not planned by the original programmers but the users find them by accident during the play process.

  1. Locate the game on the PC from the main menu. Make a clan tag that is four @ symbols. Place the game screen on the characters that are considered illegal and allow the game to start up the glitch on Call of Duty 4 which causes it to freeze.
  2. Press the “Back” button as you jump in order to make the character float. Press the “Back” button as you sprint to make the character teleport. To make the cover freeze press the “Climb Over” button and “Back” simultaneously. These glitches on Call of Duty 4 allow you to quickly move over the ground area and are available in all levels of the game.
  3. Press down on the “Back” button and jump during the Freeze mode. If the character is shot by a teammate with 16 bullets then press the “Back” button to unfreeze. This glitch on Call of Duty 4 creates a Super Bounce that actually gives you a boost.
  4. Avoid zooming in on a target with the rocket launcher, instead do a rocket jump in an appropriate location to go to a higher place. Shoot the rocket at the ground while jumping. This glitch on Call of Duty 4 gives your character a boost.
  5. Place your character face down on the ground. Ask the teammate to put a claymore on top of your head. This will cause the claymore to fly away and off of the monitor. Some glitches on Call of Duty 4 are more for fun than any gaming value.
  6. If you find a surface that is too high, jump while holding the forward command and tap on the “A” button just prior to hitting the ground. This allows you to survive the fall. This glitch on Call of Duty 4 is called the Base Jumper.
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