How To Do Gmail Emoticons

Want to know how to do Gmail emoticons? Some people love emoticons and others hate them but most people have used them at one time or another. Learning how to do Gmail emoticons is a very easy process and takes just a few keystrokes. We use them for fun and they are a convenient way of expressing ourselves while chatting with our friends and family. There is an emoticon with every chat service and Gmail emoticons basically work the same way.

Please see below for information on how to do Gmail emoticons. It will be easier than you think.

  1. While you are composing an email message you will see a toolbar.
  2. On the toolbar there is a face between Highlight color and the Link button. This is what you click to insert an emoticon. 
  3. When you click the "face," a pane will expand and show you the images to choose from.
  4. When you click an emoticon you want, it is inserted in your message.
  5. When you are done and would like to close the pane click the Insert Emoticon button on the toolbar again.

You will not see the emoticon button unless you are in rich formatting mode. When you have the email open that you are composing, you will see double boxes in the upper right hand corner.  If you click on these boxes you will be in rich formatting mode and will see the emoticon button.

Below are just a few examples on the emoticons you will see.

[frown] = :(

[grin] = :D

[monkey] = :(

[nose grin] = :-D

[nose smile] = :-)

[nose wink] = ;-)

[shocked] = :-o

[smile] = :)

[straightface] = :-|

[tongue] = :P


You can see now how easy it is to learn how to do Gmail emoticons. Have fun!



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