How To Do The Great American Detox Diet

Learn how to do the Great American Detox Diet. This diet is a much different way of eating than what Americans are used to. A few major adjustments have to be made to your diet and you will feel different for doing so.

Some things you'll need:

  • Non-fructose ingredients
  • Food with no white flour
  • An open mind
  1. The start of a new diet. You don't realize how much high fructose corn syrup is in most American foods until you go to eliminate it from your daily diet. Then you start to notice you have to shop differently or at least pay more attention to labels.
  2. Taking out white flour. White flour is another main ingredient that you eliminate when you try the Great American Detox Diet. And of course, it is in lots of foods. It's really surprising how many food white flour is in.
  3. Truth behind the Great American Detox Diet. It's really not a diet. It's just the way people ate before we mass produced foods made in factories that had preservatives and other unnecessary ingredients added to them. With the Great American Detox Diet you are trying to eat much more like the way we ate before factories came into the picture. Making foods from scratch and with fresh fruits and vegetables is key to the Great American Detox Diet.
  4. Extensively eating on the Great American Detox Diet. There are some people who go as far as to take caffeine, soda pop and meat out of their diets. This depends on the person. The soda pop is definitely something you need to avoid while trying the Great American Detox Diet, but avoiding meat is a matter of choice. 
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