How To Do Guillotine Wrestling Move

Although an amateur move, knowing how to do guillotine wrestling move on the mat can be very useful. The guillotine is a wrestling move that is both an introductory move and one that is often employed in High School/amateur work. This, of course, isn't to say this wrestling move isn't worth the effort, it can be. Still, be warned that if this is the only professional move you employ, your opponent will walk (wrestle) all over your routine. Anyway, enough talk about professional wrestling, let's get down to the basics of how to do a guillotine wrestling move!

  1. Get a ref. An amateur wrestling match should always be overseen by a professional referee. Have you see a dangerous wrestling move before? Safety is for the good of everyone involved.
  2. Stretch. A pulled muscle is no fun. Wrestlers recognize the importance of stretching prior to initiating any moves. "Toe touches" are popular hamstring stretches as are "neck rolls" for the upper trapezius. Make sure each muscle group gets a fair stretch or two.
  3. Warm up. Push ups, sit ups, and just about any move you can think of warms up your body. To do any wrestling move, you'll need to get the blood pumping, which you can do easily without tiring yourself.
  4. The hook! Now the action begins. Reach down and use your near hand to your opponent's far arm. Do this from the inside. Eventually it will start looking like a wrestling move, but follow step by step for now.
  5. The twist! Now we're going to complicate things a little bit, so take it slow. Grab your opponent's wrist, pull his/her arm up, and duck your head under it. Try to maintain a good back arch.
  6. Scissors. You are now going to put him in the body scissors hold as soon as you can, pinning him down against the ground. He should not be able to break free at this point.
  7. Lock your arm under his head. Here comes the actual "guillotine" part of the wrestling move. You are going to release your wrist and move it around your opponent's head and lock it with the other arm you have.

The guillotine wrestling move is a hold, and like all holds it should be done with your opponent's health in mind. Do not try to choke the air out of your opponent or otherwise seriously hurt him/her. Overall, the guillotine wrestling move is quite useful in a variety of amateur matches.

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