How To Do A Handstand

If you want a basic and effective workout in balance and strength, you should learn about how to do a handstand. You might be thinking that handstands are for kids, or you might be afraid of falling on your face. Don’t worry, many adults do handstands in yoga or as part of their strength training routine. Falling while learning to do a handstand is a possibility, but if you take the proper precautions, you can safely and effectively learn how to do a handstand.

In order to learn about how to do a handstand, you will need:

  • A wall
  • A pillow or some other type of cushion
  • A friend
  1. Stand facing a wall. In order to practice the balance necessary to hold yourself up in a handstand position, you will need to practice on a wall. Stand about six inches away from the wall. Make sure that the wall you choose doesn’t have any paintings on it or anything else that might be damaged if you kick it. Make sure that you aren’t standing near any tables or lamps.
  2. Place a pillow under your head. If you are afraid of falling out of the handstand position, you can place a pillow under the space where your head will go. You will probably not need this, but it might help you feel more comfortable. Make sure the pillow is not too big and that it can fit in between your hands.
  3. Get into the starting position. As stated above, make sure that you are approximately six inches away from the wall. Bring one leg back into a lunging position. Put your arms up straight as if your elbows were being glued to your ears.
  4. Kick up to a handstand. Take the leg that you brought back in the lung position and kick it up until you hit the wall. While you are kicking with your back leg, your front leg will be pushing forwards toward the wall. Try to think about keeping your body straight. It is better to exert less force than to exert too much force with a handstand. This is partly trial and error and as you get better at doing handstands, you will be able to “feel” how hard you should kick.
  5. Advanced handstands. Once you feel confortable with wall handstands, you can try the same steps in an open area, without the wall. This is where your friend comes in. A friend can be a helpful for spotting you when you are learning how to do a handstand. Have your friend stand behind you and grab your legs if you start to get wobbly.
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