How To Do Hindu Squats

Learning how to do hindu squats is fairly simple but may take some getting used if you're used to performing barbell squats. Hindu squats have long been used to help build strong legs. More specifically, hindu squats will help to develop strong hips, thighs and will also strengthen the lower back. They are also said to be easier on the knees and joints than the traditional barbell squats. 

  1. Begin hindu squats by getting into the starting position. Stand with feet about shoulder width apart and bring your hands in tight to your chest.
  2. Lower your body. To perform the move, lower your body towards the ground while keeping your arms behind you to help maintain balance. The arms should lower along with the body.
  3. Come up onto your toes. Once you've reached the bottom, carefully come up onto your toes making sure to keep your body straight and your arms behind you.
  4. Push off your toes. Now you will push off your toes while swinging your arms out in front of you in an explosive movement. 
  5. Bring the arms up to chest level. Continue to bring your arms up to chest level and when the body is upright, bring your arms and hands tight into your chest again to begin the next repetition.
  6. Repeat. Continue performing the hindu squat exercise nonstop until you reach failure. If you're able to do 100 reps that is great and that when you can perform 500 straight hindu squats, you're on your way to great personal fitness.

As with any type of exercise, it's important to remember to breathe properly during hindu squats as well. You should be exhaling on the way down and inhaling as you go up. If you don't breathe, your blood pressure may elevate and your muscles won't be getting the oxygen they need which can cause dizziness and other potential dangers.

You should always speak with a physician prior to starting any exercise program.

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