How To Do A Hockey Stop

If you wind up hitting the boards every time you want to stop in hockey, or going around in a circle until you finally slow down, it's about time you learn how to do a hockey stop. When you need to stop quickly in front of the goalie, or get to a scrum on the boards, the best way is to skate as fast as you can and do a hockey stop at the last minute. Not only is the hockey stop effective at bringing you to a complete stop, it also looks awesome as you shower everyone in front of you with a dusting of ice. While the pros make it look easy, it will take some practice before you get good enough to do a hockey stop it while you are at full speed.

  1. Start by taking two forward strides. You want to be moving forward, but if you try to learn how to do a hockey stop at full speed, you'll spend more time falling down than anything else.
  2. Rotate your hips and both skates 90 degrees. It doesn't matter what direction you turn, but your lead hip will correspond to the front skate. When you turn your lead hip should be pointing in front of you and your skate blades will be parallel to your target.
  3. Bend your knees so you don't lose you balance and fly forward. You should be gliding over the ice on the inside edge of your front skate, and the outside edge of your back skate.
  4. Stagger your skates and keep a wide stance. Imaging standing still and placing your back foot right in front of your front foot. Now keep that position, but spread your legs. That is the correct foot placement for a hockey stop.
  5. Keep your slightly more weight on your front skate. If you transfer your weight to the back skate, your skates are likely to slide out form underneath you.
  6. As you slow down, straighten your legs to finish the hockey stop.
  7. Practice going slow until you get the hang of it. Then slowly increase your speed and you will be doing perfect hockey stops in no time.



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