How To Do A Hooking Punch In Wii Boxing

The hook punch in "Wii Boxing," for the Nintendo Wii is the most powerful punch in the game, so if you want to compete, learn how to do a hooking punch in Wii Boxing. There are many types of hook punches that you can execute in Wii Boxing. You can use the right low hook, the left low hook, the left hook or the right hook.  Out of the four punches, the left and right hook punches are the most powerful. Using and connecting with these punches will result into defeating your opponent easily. With such a powerful punch, executing it is not easy, you will need to know how to punch (angle wise) and where to punch (counter-clockwise or clockwise).  

  1. Execute a right-handed hook punch, holding the Wiimote vertically in your right hand.  While you are in your fighting stance, with both your WiiMote and Nunchuck near your face, punch the air with your WiiMote in a 90 degrees counter clock-wise circular motion. This powerful punch will allow you to punch your opponent from the right side and, if it connects, makes your opponent fall down to his left side.
  2. Execute a left-handed hook punch by holding the Wiimote vertically in your left hand. While you are in your fighting stance, with your  Nunchuck in your right hand, punch the air in a 90 degrees clockwise circular motion. The punch is similar to the uppercut punch, but instead of hitting the air vertically, punch the air horizontally.

As the opponents get a lot harder, mastering these hook punches will make Wii Boxing easier and funnier.



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