How Do I Add Words To My Nokia 6205 Dictionary?

While text messaging with your Nokia 6205, you may have asked yourself, "How do I add words to my Nokia 6205 Dictionary?" The Nokia 6205, like many newer phones, has implemented a feature which automatically detects and adds new words to the dictionary when they are entered. When entering words in multi-tap mode, the Nokia 6205 automatically compares them to the Nokia 6205 dictionary and adds the word(s) if they are not already present.

  1. Create a new text message. Press the "Menu" key to open the menu. Highlight and select "Messaging." Select "New Message" and then select "Text Message." This will open a blank text message on your Nokia 6205.
  2. Enter text into the text message. Using the keypad, begin typing a text message. You will notice that the Nokia 6205 tries to spell out every word for you, although it may not know some words you wish to use because they are not in the Nokia 6205 dictionary by default.
  3. Enter into abc mode. Press the left soft key. Select "Abc" to activate multi-tap entry mode on your Nokia 6205. Using the keypad, manually enter the word you desire to add to the Nokia 6205 dictionary. Once you have completed typing the word, it will automatically be added to the Nokia 6205 dictionary for future use. Repeat this process for any new words you wish to add to the Nokia 6205 dictionary.
  4. Test the newly added word. From the home screen of the Nokia 6205, repeat step two, to create a new text message. Begin typing the word and the predictive text entry should now predict the word you recently added to the Nokia 6205 dictionary.


When sending regular text messages to friends or typing notes and reminders, adding a word with Abc mode will automatically add it to the Nokia 6205 dictionary.

If words no longer appear in the Nokia 6205 dictionary when manually entered, the memory on the Nokia 6205 may be full which will stop the Nokia 6205 dictionary from saving new entries.

The default Nokia 6205 dictionary does not contain many common acronyms, profane words, compound words or abbreviations.

Adding new words to the Nokia 6205 dictionary will make data entry and text messaging much quicker.

You may choose not to utilize the Nokia 6205 dictionary by always typing in Abc mode.

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