How Do I Become A Good Pitcher In Baseball

The question of how do I become a good pitcher in baseball is rather common.  While there is no clear-cut way to becoming a good pitcher overnight, it can be done with a lot of hard work and knowledge of the game.  Take the following considerations into account to become a good pitcher in baseball.

  1. Work on your mechanics.  Pitching mechanics are the first step to becoming a good pitcher, in respect to what is done on the mound.  Learn the nuances of the mechanics in order to improve your motion and results on the mound.
  2. Develop pitching accuracy and power.  Control and power are the two main pitching attributes, along with other minor ones like movement.  Take advantage of the many pitching and non-pitching ways to develop your control and velocity, which will help you become a better pitcher.
  3. Learn a few pitches.  Don't get caught up in learning too many pitches.  If you know three or four pitches, or less if you're a reliever, you should be good.  Learn those that compliment your style of pitching.  For instance, if you're a power pitcher, learn how to throw a deadly slider or changeup to confuse hitters who see your harder stuff.  Control pitchers should take a few pitches that emphasize movement.
  4. Become a student of the game.  Good pitchers know the game, including situations and when to throw what pitch.  If you know how to work your opponent and how to select pitches, you are on your way to becoming a good pitcher.  Improve your ability to utilize your skills to become a good pitcher in baseball.



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